Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring 2007 Film Pre-Screening

So here we all are, editing to our little hearts content, and we have arrived at our first deadline. This Sunday afternoon, the Reel Grrls will be showing the first drafts of their films to a panel of judges and spectators. Just like in Hollywood, the RGs will use this opportunity to get necessary feedback, as well as suggestions for revisions and additions before the big night on May 17th. We'll have a little less than a week before our final deadline, when the movies will be sent far from our grasp to be pressed onto DVD. (Remember to pick up a copy on your way out of the party!)

While we're waiting for this ever-present deadline to approach, we've been actively eating a lot of Cheez-Its-- while editing... not around the computers. That's bad. Uh.

We also got a hold of a reel of Super 8 (8mm) film for use in one of this year's films. After filming ended, we decided to put the remainder of the reel to good use and make our very own home movie...