Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday links round up

Free Press invites you to contact your representatives in Washington to stop the Comcast-NBC merger.

Girl Power is a new book about 90's revolution of women in music. We really enjoyed this review by 13-year-old Tavi, fashion superstar behind the Style Rookie.

PBS is sponsoring a contest for youth 13 and up to create a video diary about their lives. The best entries will be selected to air on April 11th alongside Masterpiece's presentation of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Shortie Fest is coming! The film festival for students ages 7-18 is accepting entries now through April 9.

Bad news: the opportunities for women directors in Hollywood has actually gone down since 2008. So, despite our excitement over Kathryn Bigelow's best director nod, Women & Hollywood says 2009 was no year of the woman in Hollywood.

Sociological Images did an excellent (and hilarious) round up of stereotypes of masculinity.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Join us for the 2010 Reel Grrls Oscar Party!

Have you heard the amazing news?

This fantastic woman filmmaker has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Director!

Yep, Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker, is the fourth woman ever nominated for Best Director in the 81 year history of the Oscars. No woman has ever won this award. Getting more women in film and changing this has always been a huge part of the Reel Grrls mission.

Kathryn's been raking in the awards around the world- she already won Best Director at the BAFTAs and from the Directors Guild of America. As for the Oscars... Right now we can only cross our fingers and hope with all our might that Kathryn is going to win. But do you know where the best place in Seattle to be when she wins is going to be?

Why, at the Reel Grrls 2nd Annual Oscar Party, of course! You know us reel grrls are going to go bananas when Kathryn walks away with that big, bald statuette.

We've got an amazing night planned- a red carpet, gourmet food, fancy outfits, great short films from our grrls, and awards for Seattle women in film. You'd have to try really hard to not have a good time at this thing.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh hai! We haz blog?

We haz blog!

Oh, it's been too long. This poor, neglected Reel Grrls blog has been languishing in the forgotten corners of the internet for nearly a year. But, rejoice, readers! We are back and we are going big.

If you've been following us on twitter, you know we have plenty to say. We have so many links and videos and thoughts to share with you! We will be blogging on a regular basis now, about all the things Reel Grrls cares about. Which is a lot of things, but that's part of being a well-rounded person, right? No one would want to read this blog if all we wrote about was chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Ok, I take that back, I would totally read a blog all about chocolate chip cookies recipes.

But here's what you can expect from us. Videos made by Reel Grrls! Articles about women filmmakers! Information on awesome stuff happening in Seattle! Media justice links! Critical responses to pop culture! Youth empowerment! And maybe even a chocolate chip cookie recipe or two!

So, won't you be our neighbor? Link to us, send us an email, tell us what you're up to. We're pretty excited to get started!

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