Monday, September 27, 2010

The Reel Grrls Guide to Local Sightings 2010

Local Sightings 2010 is here!

For 13 years (wow!) our friends at Northwest Film Forum have been showcasing film and video produced in the Great Northwest through the awesome Local Sightings Film Festival. This year's festival takes place October 1-6, 2010, at the Film Forum’s cinemas on 12th Avenue on Capitol Hill.

This year’s festival features a handful of feature films, as well as seventy-five short films! Dang! How's a grrl to decide what to see? Well, you could start with the films that were produced by Reel Grrls mentors, staff, and friends - which are plentiful! Here's our must-see list.

1. True Enough. Saturday, October 2, 9 PM. This collection of documentary shorts features not one but two projects created by Reel Grrls mentors! You may have heard of I SAW U, which was directed, produced, written, shot, edited, and animated by Reel Grrls mentors and staff (including moi). This is one of your last chances to see it on the big screen, so don't miss it! WCF? was created by Reel Grrls mentors/friends Katie Gregg and Cassidy Dimon. It's a 10-minute "look into the underground world of guinea pig fanciers" and it looks awesome! Watch the trailer and get psyched! There are a number of other women-directed docs in this shorts program, and they all look great. Get your tickets for this screening here. They're going fast!

2. Drawn to Moving. Saturday, October 2, 7 PM. Animated Shorts! Need I say more? OK, just a few words about why I'm psyched about this screening: Nicer to Have One, the beautiful/charming/sweet/wonderful creation of Reel Grrls mentor Celena Adler is part of it! It's about the experience of being a twin, and it's a must-see. We also really want to see Gentle Giants, created by Clyde Peterson. Clyde is working on a really exciting giant animation outdoors at Cal Anderson Park which we have been following. You can too. Clyde has also made a bunch of cool music videos locally and we're hoping he might make a cameo as a guest speaker at our upcoming Music Video Production Program. But anyway, we think he's cool and want to see his movie. Plus, Animated Shorts!!! Get your tickets for this screening here.

3. With or Without You. Sunday, October 3, 9 PM. This lineup looks great, and we're especially excited about the chance to see Orpheus & Eurydice on the big screen. It was shot by Reel Grrls mentor Katie Gregg, and produced by a team of Reel Grrls friends from The Last Quest. It's a really beautiful example of pixelation animation, a technique Katie has taught at past Reel Grrls Animation Camps! Get your tickets for this screening here.

4. Objects in the Mirror. Monday, October 4, 9 PM. This shorts lineup features Betty. Not only was this film directed by Seattlite Heather Ayres, it also features a gripping performance by Reel Grrl big sister Davie-Blue! Seriously, the lead actress is the older sister of Reel Grrl extraordianaire, Summer! It was also shot on 35mm and has an amazing look. This is probably one of your last chances to catch it on the big screen so don't delay - get your tickets now!

5. Two Indians Talking. Saturday, October 2, 5 PM. This feature film explores the question, “When you do something for the right reasons, does that make it the right thing to do?” It's preceded by Unreserved: The Work of Louie Gong, directed by Reel Grrls friend and fellow youth mediaster Tracy Rector (she founded Native Lens). It's about a Pacific Northwest artist and activist who merges Native Coast Salish art with pop culture in the custom skate shoes he creates for Vans. Get your tickets now!

SPECIAL NOTE: Everyone knows that the Northwest Film Forum throws awesome parties. Local Sightings kicks off with a Big Opening Night Party on October 1 beginning at 9pm. It has a 90s theme, which is the decade when some of us (cough, cough) went to high school so that will be a lovely/terrible trip down the fashion memory lane. More importantly, there will be sumo wrestling! We wouldn't dream of missing this, and neither should you. See you there!

Time to Sign up for the Reel Grrls Music Video Production Program!

The Reel Grrls Music Video Production Program kicks off in just one week! We launched this program as a five-day camp over spring break, and it was such a huge success that we have decided to expand it into a 10-week program. It's a great opportunity to discuss the music video genre, what we like and what we don't like about it, and the cliches and tropes we want to avoid as music-video-makers.

This time around we'll be working with Shenandoah Davis! We're still confirming the other artists we'll be working with, but we know they'll all be awesome!

This rad stop-motion animated video is an example of what you might create in this program!

The Next Door Neighbors: Liars from ReelGrrls Workshops on Vimeo.

See more grrl-created music videos in this Vimeo album.

If you want to get a feel for what this program will be like, check out this blog post about the Music Video Camp we offered earlier this year.

You can learn more about this program on our program page, and you can also apply online!

All Reel Grrls programs are fun, but the Music Video Production Program is SUPER fun. Hope to see you there!