Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh hai! We haz blog?

We haz blog!

Oh, it's been too long. This poor, neglected Reel Grrls blog has been languishing in the forgotten corners of the internet for nearly a year. But, rejoice, readers! We are back and we are going big.

If you've been following us on twitter, you know we have plenty to say. We have so many links and videos and thoughts to share with you! We will be blogging on a regular basis now, about all the things Reel Grrls cares about. Which is a lot of things, but that's part of being a well-rounded person, right? No one would want to read this blog if all we wrote about was chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Ok, I take that back, I would totally read a blog all about chocolate chip cookies recipes.

But here's what you can expect from us. Videos made by Reel Grrls! Articles about women filmmakers! Information on awesome stuff happening in Seattle! Media justice links! Critical responses to pop culture! Youth empowerment! And maybe even a chocolate chip cookie recipe or two!

So, won't you be our neighbor? Link to us, send us an email, tell us what you're up to. We're pretty excited to get started!

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