Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sundance - Adobe Youth Luncheon

Sundance was awsome, the hardest of core. Wednesday morning there was a luncheon held by Adobe at the New Frontier club/gallery where all youth programs/classes were welcome to come and eat really good food--i was expecting pastries and coffee, but it was a full on eggs-fruit-oatmeal-juice-coffee-otherstuff yumminess.
Then everyone gathered to watch shorts from the programs that were representing Adobe, such as Reel Works in NY, Spyhop, Real Ideas Studio, us, and some other programs. There were a couple short documentaries, one was about a kid struggling to grow up partly homeless, and another was about two friends who struggled to maintain their friendship in NY because one was Jewish and the other was Muslim. There was a spoken word piece that was kinda experamental, and they also screened Disorder. At the end, all the filmmakers went up in front of the audience to sit in these really freaky folding director chairs (their alot scarier to sit in than they look) and talk about our films. We were asked questions about how we came up with our ideas, what did we struggle with, and what future films might we be planning. It sounded like alot of the other filmmakers struggle with the same thing we do--patience, editing, etc. But Disorder was the only piece that had animation which made us cool. fa' sho'. I told them about the vampire doc we're making, and they all thought that was interesting, i got some good reactions from the audience.

Afterward, it was major mingle time. I met some students from some university in Dallas that really liked Disorder, and the cool cats from NY. Ballard High wasnt there though (suckuuuuus!).

There was alot of computers and software set up for people to try out, i ended up talking to one of the Avid editing software representatives, we had a really long conversation about the difference between mac and pc, FCP and avid, college programs, and hollywood vs indie. Well i guess he thought i knew what i was talking about, he told me to fill out a sign up sheet for something but wouldnt tell be what it was for. I was alittle suspicious, but i thought it would just be more info and stuff about avid. after filling it all out, he told me i was one out of five youth he was supposed to find that stood out, and he sent me the avid editing software for free in mail. It can be downloaded on to a pc or a mac. ooooober coolness.

--kubo, over and out

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