Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feminist Rap

You don't really hear enough about feminist rap, do you? But it's definitely there, a little under the radar. There are some incredible women in hip hop, kicking ass and taking names.

A few years ago I was always reading gushing reviews of Northern State. This video for Girls For All Seasons from 2004 does already seem surprisingly dated, but it's pretty rad, none the less.

Here in Seattle there are the amazing ladies of Canary Sing. They just released their first video a few months ago- check it out!

And then there is this great new web show that prompted me to write this post. Feminist Rapper, created by Jenny Hagel (and partially shot in the neighborhood I grew up in on Chicago's north side) is absolutely hilarious. We can't wait for the next episode!

For more feminist rap, check out NOW NYC's list of 220 feminist rap songs!
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lila said...

Don't forget Thee Satisfaction!