Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attend the 4th Annual Reel Grrls Gala and Auction!

Reel Grrls events never fail exhilarate me! Even our board meetings have an energy that can revive any weary mood. This year’s Gala and Auction will no doubt be yet another inspiring experience as we showcase the great work of Reel Grrls PLUS an inspiring look at where women filmmakers are shaking it up in the industry!

This year’s special guest, Anne Rosselini, the writer and producer of award winning Winter’s Bone, will indeed top anything we have experienced yet at the Reel Grrls Gala and Auction, coming up on October 23rd at the Fare Start Restaurant in downtown Seattle.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, it is a must see! It is what I would call a PERFECT movie: a story driven by the tenacity of the resourceful and smart young female protagonist, Ree Dolly, as she goes looking for her meth-cooking father who has disappeared under strange circumstances. This film is a true thriller and the characters are written and acted to perfection. The pacing of this film draws you into an intensely impoverished world where we see the human spirit dominate unbearable odds. I can’t help but wonder, who wrote this? We will hear Ms. Rosselini tell her story at the Gala!

Watch the trailer:

The evening is sure to be a compelling, festive occasion where we celebrate this amazing spirit of women in film! Please join us at the Fare Start Restaurant on October 23rd and support the work of Reel Grrls. This organization makes these heights of creative expression possible for over 100 girls every year, launching reel careers and enriching our world. Hope to see you there!

- Jennifer Geist, Reel Grrls Board

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