Monday, November 15, 2010

Grrl Vlog #4: Celebrity Weight Loss

Check it out! Maile and I made a new video blog, all about the recent high-profile weight loss of Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osborne, and Sara Rue. What kind of message does their weight loss send? Do we focus too much on weight as an indicator of health? What do YOU think?

Read about Health at Every Size on wikipedia. And if you'd like to read the article about body image and chronic dieters that I cited in the video, you can download the PDF here.


revphil said...

I like it! nice pacing! Good audio.

It's so wonderful to hear a smart conversation that is easy to listen to and engaging.

I understand it needs to hit it and quit it, but I wish yalls could get into the motivations for making people self conscious. It might have taken the vid overboard, but it seems pretty obvious to me. Insecure people are easy to manipulate and therefor spend lots of money.

Although, that is only on a macro level tho, individuals have their own reasons for such behavior and they can have lots of reasons. Future show perhaps?

Either way, it was a beautiful message by beautiful people, thanks ReelGrrls!

Roaring girl said...

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