Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Canada

The only thing I watched this week was an episode of "Degrassi." I thought about my lovely Reel Grrls and was looking for the "male gaze" and am happy to say I didn't find one. I thought about why, and thought back to our little chart of movie genres. I think that Degrassi fits into one of the few genres deemed "girly." Maybe its the abstence of the classic male gaze that has a lot to do with the forming of the genre.There was a shot from a girls point of view checking out a guy (the whole slow motion while he smiles and flips his hair) which I thought was pretty funny.
With what we were talking about with people liking movies and TV because it lets them explore uncomfortable or untalked (if that's a word) about ideas. Movies try to appeal to guys by subjecting the women in the way that they can enjoy her on a shallow level and don't have to feel bad about it. Which is sad. If we say these things aren't ok in real life, why are they ok in film? And why do they exist in real life to? Can we then attribute them existing in real life to media, then the media to appealing to real life in some kind of weird cycle.
So I'm confused, but pretty rightfully so.
I don't know, maybe it's just because Degrassi's on Canadian TV. And they're much cooler than us.

- Sami

PS - I'm doing my homework last minute on the bus right now. But internet, on the bus. Which means my bus has wifi on it! How rad is that???

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