Monday, October 29, 2007

Really late testimony of NAMAC right here:

So going to Texas was pretty darn awsome. I did see my share of cowboy boots and hats, but Austin was shockingly artsy and full of unique stuff. Appareantly Austin is the most liberal city in Texas, they've got this bridge where bats live, and at dusk al 3 million or so come flying out like crazy, searching for BLOOD.... or just bugs and fruit.
The entire convention was amazing. There were youth like me from Kentucky, Baltimore, the Bay Area, Minesota, and then local texans. The texans were cool. We had a 24 hour film project (like superfly) where each group was given a prop and genre to make a short out of. This was at the Austin Studios where the Austin Film Society first got started by Richard Linklater. Who infact i got to meet personally and give my portfolio DVD to (props to kubo). If any doesnt know this, Linklater directed Fast Food Nation, A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life, and other cool stuff. He was very laid back, and down to earth.
There were a couple Flash Animation workshops that i went to (new animation possibilites?? i think yes.)
Blah BLah Blah, thats all for now folks. time for bed.

-- the kubmeister

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