Sunday, October 07, 2007

San Diego Women's Film Fest

Hello grrrrrrrrrrls that are reel.. yeah so, just got back from San Diego, it was awsome, hardcore, infact it was the hardest of core. Rose, Jessica, Rose's Perents, and I went down together and met some other youth filmmakers from Mineapolis, Virginia, and LA. The youth films were screened 3 TIMES!! none of the other films in the festival were screened more than once, so we were given a huge honor, cause we're so cool, obviously, duh, yeah.
We met some other directors from other films that were being screened too. and the opening film of the festival (Nina's Heavenly Delights) was pretty smashing, i must say.
Long story short: It was most definately the hardest of core.

-- sami kubo, over and out.

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