Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reel Grrls Thesis Program Kicks Off Today!


We are incredibly excited to be launching our first-ever Reel Grrls THESIS Program today! In response to popular demand from our ever-more-savvy-and-experienced grrls, we have created our most advanced and longest-running program yet.

You can read about the program HERE, but basically we are going to spend the next three months intensively studying film history, theory, and criticism - all from a Reel Grrls perspective, paying special attention to films made by women from around the world.

Starting in early 2008, the Thesis team will embark upon a five-month production schedule, in which grrls will take the reins on their most ambitious projects yet, hopefully inspired by and in response to the works and theories we will have studied together.

Along the way, grrls and mentors are going to blog their Thesis-inspired thoughts, feelings, and ideas here, so get ready for a much more active Reel Grrls blog!

Check in here weekly, and learn along with us. And start getting psyched to see the most amazing Reel Grrls work yet, coming this spring.


Maile and Lila

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