Saturday, November 24, 2007

Creepy Washington & NAMAC Youth MAFIA

Hellooooowwwww. How was everybody's four day weekend? I went to Idaho, and on the way i found some super awsome locations for shooting a spooky horror movie, or an eatheral dream sequence. It looked like literally the middle of no where, it was just endless mild hills completely covered in a smooth layer of snow, and fog everywhere so it looked like there was no end to it, no civilization, very creepy. it was near WSU, very eastern washington.

ANYway, the videos that were made at the Austin NAMAC youth MAFIA (Make A Film In A (day)) event are posted on youtube, so check them out. Me, a kid from austin, a kid from baltimore, and another kool kat from i-dont-know-where made the short Sebastian & His Picture:

Each group was picked at random, and given a prop and movie genre also at random. Each group was required to utilize the prop as much as possible and stick to the movie genre. We all had 24 hours to do it all. It was fun. mostly. i fell asleep at the computer. but totally worth it.

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Morgan said...

Hi kubo,
Morgan Sully from NAMAC here. We LOVED the short! It was awesome to show it at the closing night party too!

Might we be able to post it (with a link back here) on our post-conference page?

You can see what other people have contributed here.