Thursday, November 01, 2007

Reel Grrls Thesis movie this Monday: CAST YOUR VOTE BY SATURDAY NOON!!

Ok grrls,

So we are going to see a movie in a theater (we love you Ruth!) this Monday afternoon/evening. Cast your vote for which film we'll see by posting a blog entry by SATURDAY AT NOON with your top two choices listed. Here are the movie choices:

1. Blade Runner @ Cinerama 4:45pm
2. Elizabeth: the Golden Age @ Pacific Place 4:15pm
3. The Heartbreak Kid @ Pacific Place 5:15pm
4. The Martian Child @ Pacific Place 5:25pm
5. Michael Clayton @ Pacific Place 4:20 or 5:20pm (if this is your vote, let me know which you'd prefer)
6. In the Valley of Elah @ Uptown 4:15pm
7. American Gangster @ Oak Tree (up North!) 7:00pm
8. Dan in Real Life @ Oak Tree (up North!) 5:25pm
9. The Darjeeling Limited @ Meridian 4:10pm or 5:20pm (if this is your vote, let me know which you'd prefer)
10. The Kingdom @ Meridian 4:50pm

I'll post to the blog on Sunday with the movie we'll be seeing and information for meeting up.


mandy said...

I vote for either the martian kid one, or darjeeling limited (later time would work for me)

Camille said...

i'm feeling the Darjeeling Limited.
and either time would work.
I just dont know where Meridian is.

Camille said...

just kidding, I just looked it up.

MoMo said...

i vote for the darjeeling limited. i may not be able to actually make it tho--i am in the middle of moviing, yet again. =)

Ms. Martinez said...

hey you guys,

unfortch, I forgot that I have to go to a meeting in west seattle at 6pm on monday. so I don't think I will be able to attend any of the options - at least I wouldn't be able to stay till the end. and in the case of dareeling ltd, I promised my sister I would wait to see it with her in cali over thanksgiving - she might get mad if I watch the first hour without her! but I think I will be able to keep up with the class even without seeing the film, so just let me know what the plan is and I may or may not come. so what I'm saying is, my vote doesn't count, but if I could vote, I would probably vote for darjeeling ltd. :)

lila said...

Oh yeah. comments... sorry guys. You're much smarter than me.

And I want to see darjeeling limited too.