Monday, November 12, 2007


the FCC hearing was awsome guys, the hardest of core. it was all very inspiring to see so many different kinds of people so enthusiastic about the current state of media and how its totally NOT the hardest of core. there was vegan food too, always good for the tummy.

there were two 12 year olds there, they were surprisingly eloquent. there were zombies (one of which was monica) that danced to thriller, all very symbolic of media consolidation.

well, i went home after my testimony, and i put the TV on for the 10 pm local news on fox, and all they said about the FCC hearing was that one of the panelist supported consolidation, and made audience reactions sound like they were supporting this too, nothing like what really happened. they didnt even show ANY public comments at all. they only pointed out the "advantages" of media consolidation, and made it seem like everyone at the hearing was supporting it.


I'm going to go scream in a hole now.

Over and out.

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