Tuesday, November 20, 2007

some, not all.

Raúl Ruiz 1941 -

sentences about him:
From Chile and one of the most prolific filmmakers of the last 50 years.

trained as a painter. spent some years at the U of Santa Fe, Argentina's cinema school.

something of an outsider among the politically oriented filmmakers of his generation his work being far more ironic, surrealistic, and experimental.

Married to filmmaker and editor Valeria Sarmiento.

Also writes stage plays.

film advisor to the Socialist Party in Allende's coalition (1971-1972) - forced into exile in 1973 following Pinochet's coup - settled in France.

incomplete filmography:

The Latest:
1990) After spending $1000 on sets, Ruiz attracted Manhattan performance artists from the Wooster Group, author and lesbian anti-hero Kathy Acker, porn fave Annie Sprinkle and fellow directors Jim Jarmusch & Barbet Schroeder for this paean to the Mexican soap opera, crossed with "The Untouchables." Vicious philosophers, selectively deaf TV stars, and a mysterious trail of boots lead into the unknown...

After several years producing and directing low-budget telefilms, he began working with larger budgets and "name" stars in 1996 with Three Lives and Only One Death, Marcello Mastroianni's penultimate film. The following year he directed Genealogies of a Crime, starring Catherine Deneuve.

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