Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This weekend, after probably picking the last 10 movies in a row, I decided to be a good, fair girlfriend and let Trevor pick. Bad idea... because there I was for two hours watching Transformers.
On the positive side, it'll give me a lot to complain about here.
For one thing, total male gaze.

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If you could actually see the whole scene here, somehow her stomach is like glowing? Interesting use of lighting?
The plot almost killed me too... the Transformers found the main guy by surfing ebay.
Here's my film lenses:
Formalist Film Theory: Pretty impressive special effects, but that's about it. Use of lighting to draw eyes to female subject.
Auteur Theory: He made the Bad Boys movies (which a critic called "Two hours of explosions and witless banter) and created a playboy centerfold.
Postcolonialism: I guess you could call the Transformers as colonists to a new planet.
Queer Theory: Not a trace.
Feminist Film Theory: Typical girl used only to help the role of the leading male, and pretty with a bad edge.

I was thinking back to the whole idea about the male figure playing the "baby looking in the mirror" type role for the viewer. A watching male could see themselves in the main character, but in a more perfect light.
Buff's character is really nerdy and timid, and I was thinking about why. I can see that by making the main character timid, but still getting the hot girl and beating the Transformers, guys can see hope for themselves and they like it.

thats all.
<3 sam.

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