Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reel Grrls rocked the FCC hearing!!

I am so proud of all of you Reel Grrls, thanks for coming out and being a part of the people's voice demanding a stop to media consolidation!

Check out our coolness:

Sami Kubo's testimony is at about 4:23 in this clip

Lila's testimony is at about 5:37 in this one (I love how you can see the RG crew in the background giving me a standing ovation afterwards, thanks guys!)

Camille, testifying as Sami Muilenburg (or maybe not), can be found rockin the house at about 5:05 in the 8th audio file (3rd from the bottom) on this page.

Monica, dressed as a Media Consolidation zombie, was quoted in The Seattle Times AND King 5 News (hmmm... both the exact same quote... more evidence of media consolidation or not?)

You can also see some fabulous zombie footage (and lots more video footage from the FCC hearing) on the homepage of SCAN. The media cheer video is called "FCC 2007 Protest 1" and the zombie video is "FCC 2007 Protest 2." Note that I threw these clips together really quickly for folks to grab footage from, they're not fully edited pieces, but you can also download the full resolution video files if you'd like to use them yourself here.

And if all that's not enough FCC hearing coverage and you STILL want more, then as always check out the Reclaim the Media website.

Phew! That oughta keep you busy for awhile. Thanks again, RG, for caring so much about media justice, and for making your media activisty instructor so damn proud!

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